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Self-gratification is the tenderness you give yourself. It’s an all mighty high when your palm replaces an endearing satisfaction of euphoric intoxication. When the tip of your finger is all you need to create a blood flow to the proper places, rushing it to areas that causes a silent suffering into a human art form. It’s poetry that defines an overwhelming game of satisfaction, and you’ll realize that there’s more to skin and sac to keep a woman going.

Self-gratification means making love with oneself is not taboo. A little loneliness is all what it takes to allow your reservations to go. Hide in a quiet place and let your pleasure be the open door to an awaken fantasy. Massage the ripples in your stream—let them flow until a climatic tower has whisper to a single tear. You can elevate your appetite to a level you deem fit. Whether it’s by the palm of your hand or a replicated version of the real thing, you need to give yourself permission to put that stick into overdrive.

Grind it, tug it, and rub it until mild whimpers are shattering screams. You arch your back and toes curls as you lay naked letting Mother Nature take its course. The dwelling inside is an aura of perfection. A slow pitch of diminutive proportion eases its way to a crescendo of an unwinding delight. Then a sudden explosion erupt the cavities in your body, and you grab anything around you to contain the inner beast. You smile with a respite sigh and wonder from the shadows of your mind that all in all…


©2012, Imani Wisdom

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