A few months ago I was riding high as an aspiring author. Each and exciting day my dream was coming to a reality. I felt the hard work I’ve put into writing six short stories and had gone though the editing process, I was ready to conquer the literary world—nothing and no one could stop me. And then a sudden halt curbed my enthusiasm—my book was not ready to go public.

Riding on Emotions

After my mother’s passing, I buried myself in my work as a way of dealing with my grief. I must have pumped twenty short stories during the span of three months. Inspirational or erotica, it didn’t matter as long as it was ready to post. I’m not saying all the pounding on my keyboard weren’t the effort, because it was. I have received an honor by A Writer’s POV Magazine for Blog of the Month for October. So the work hard did pay off.

The subtitle of riding on emotions was geared of trying to rush my novella to print by last December. Call it inexperience or a bad business decision, or both. Either way, I didn’t tactfully weigh my decision. The silent grief that had caused my mind to race clouded my judgment. If I had to do over, well, I most certainly will.

So What about Untimely Revelations?

By no means is my first novel dead. I have to be a certain kind of stupid to let that happen. I poured my heart and soul in each story, and especially my baby, Zion’s Road. Nuh huh, Untimely Revelations is just in a slumber until somewhere in May. That said, I have to put on my stilettos and walk high no matter how embarrassing this lesson has been for me, and to admit that I have eff’d up to the max.

So to my VIP’s, you know you are, expect an email in the coming days. You have taken a chance on a no-name author by pre-ordering your advance copy of my book. And for that, I will all ways be deeply grateful. The love you have shown will reciprocate, not only once but twice. VIP’s, you will discover what I mean later this week.

A Lesson to the Newbies

How can I put in a way for you to understand…uhm, listen to your heart? Do not make a business decision based on emotions. Give yourself a day or two, or pray about it, and then a make an informed decision. Creating a rush job on your life’s work could end with financial and reputable ramifications. For me, I’m bandaging the problem before it hemorrhages out of control. My name and reputation was at steak.

Intelligence Does Not Mean You Know It All…

Let me repeat that again…intelligence does not mean you know it all. There are times I can be stubborn, so when my mind is made up, that is it. However, when it comes to business—I had to learn to sit somewhere and shut up, and take advice from people who are well experienced in their crafts. And as much as I want to hold the reigns of control, I have to learn to appreciate that success is not a unilateral effort. People who reaches the next level been schooled by someone who walked the path.

What’s going on with Imani Now?

Now that I pushed Untimely Revelations at a much later date, I’ve been using this time to complete a novel that's been stored in my hard drive for two years. Good news, it’s done. My characters Anthony and Nikki Robinson will come to life in the full-length novel, Unbridled Matrimony. I won’t give a prediction of the release date, but I will say it will not be published under the Wickedly Sweet brand. I’m letting my mentor do the honors, and at the same time, she's teaching me about the business. To me, it’s a win win situation.

In the meantime, you can read the first chapter as an eBook. Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $1.99. But since you’re kind of enough to visit my blog and read this entire post, I will offer this short story for free. Send a request to my email at, and write in the body “Sweet Temptation” with the subject line, “Introduction to Nikki Robinson. I will send your request in twenty-four hours or less by PDF format.

Have a gorgeous day, pretty people


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Tiffany said...

I agree with all of these points. When being an entrepreneur, it's hard not to pair our business goals with our emotional ones. Somehow they start to feel like an extension of one another even though they should only be an extension to a certain extent.

There are two bad things about thinking that intelligence means knowing everything. First, it could lead to being too stubborn for improvement. But, on the other hand, it makes failure all that much more painful. You think, "Damn, I thought I was intelligent and knew everything, yet I've failed. Clearly I don't know everything. Clearly, I am not smart." But failing is part of succes. I've had that latter problem, but with college moreso than my business.

Good luck with the business and the writing, but I know you don't need luck anyway. You've got skill. ^_^

TamluvstoWrite said...

Imani, The same excitement you have been riding on I have too with my own debut novel. It was suppose to be released last June. You are an amazing writer and patient as we writer's are aware of is a virtue. You have my full support because it was you who gave no name writer(me) a chance to be a guest blogger twice. I greatly appreciate all that you have taught me with your blogs. I am excited and patient. Forever you have my support. As always I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

This story moved me to feature it on my blog page because it is indeed an event that can halt the very motion of any activity you were in the progress of pursuing. I never as I stated on my blog page when I features this piece, "I never knew pink stood out this pretty until IMANI" Very inspiring and worth the time to stop in, read and comment.


Imani said...

Thank you so much for the kind comments. And yes, the road of getting published has not been easy, but disappointments are all a part of this business. When a person pursue after their dreams, they will have to take the good with the bad.

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