By Tamyara Brown

Lloyd and I haven’t spoken in two days, the silence is killing me. I miss hearing his voice and this time it is all my fault. His tall, muscular caramel body, his dreads hanging over his shoulders, his thick lips pouting and glasses touching his nose. I forgot about our date night and when he walked through the door with his nose flared, his face frowned, the loud slam of the bedroom door and the instant silence greeted me. My endless apologies fell death to his ears. So for the past two nights I have slept on the couch.

He has been the most patient man I know when my nights have been dedicated to writing a novel, writing my Blog, and he has allowed me the time needed to do what I love. He walks in the door and my attention is on the screen, earphones in my ear I can smell his scent as he breezes past me. The air conditioner off as the night air has become hot and clammy. My apparel was tight sweatpants and his wife beater, my braids up in a ponytail, he sits next to me and the words he has been hiding are ready to flow. He pulls the earphones out of my ears, he stops me from typing as he place his hand on the keyboard.
“We need to talk.” He commanded. 
His eyes fills with sadness and his words hit me like bullets being shot at me. He said,
“ I have supported your career as a writer. I know it requires hours of your time and devotion but I miss my woman. Your heart is with your career. So I’m going to give you time to figure out how I fit in.”
“ You do fit in Baby.” He raises his eyebrow and fold his arms.
“ No I don’t and you know it. In the six years we’ve been together you never forgot our date night. You hardly sleep in our bed. When the last time we made love? Last time we looked at a movie or hell went out the house?” 
He waits for my answer and spoke volumes of the truth; I’ve been obsessing with becoming a successful writer. I’m pushing the man who loves me wholeheartedly to the back burner. I hang my head low, the balcony door open and the sound of the rain dancing upon the cement. It sounds like a sweet jazz tune of a neighbor playing his saxophone.
“I’m sorry. I love you. I just want to be successful at this.”  He sucked his teeth.
“ I understand that but I’m your man. I’m telling you this shit isn’t fair. I need my woman sometimes.”
He stands up to turn his back at me as he walks out to the balcony. The drops of the rain fell on his body making him glisten.  He looks so damn sexy as the water touches his body.  I take off my sweats and go out there with only his tee shirt on. He sits back on the chair stretching his long legs. I bite my finger and he stares at me because he is one handsome man.
“What are you looking at? I’m mad at you, take your ass in there and write.” He shooed me away.
I feel myself becoming wet to the touch to the man I need. I slowly walk over to him, leaning towards him to kiss his lips with a raw passion. The rain runs off our bodies as I straddle him with my thick thighs. His clothing sticks to his body, accentuating it. I glide my fingers across his caramel frame and he shivers, wet and cold. His hand pulls my ponytail and his tongue and teeth craze my neck. I moan out.
“Will you please forgive me?” I whimpered as he overwhelms me with pleasure.
He sucks my breasts, bathing every inch of them with the warmth of his tongue and the cold drops of rain heighten my pleasure. My juices drench his thigh as he rubs his hardness against the creases. The rain gets in his eyes as I kiss it away.
I pull down his shorts and push his rigid ten and half inside me as he grunts and moans. His wet hand slaps my ass, the sting of pleasure causes me to pump harder. I hear the sounds of the neighbor playing his saxophone, the sounds of horns honking on the busy street and the mixture of the rain is playing the perfect love song. I ride him as my wet body bounces up and down on Mr. Ten and a half as he rubs my clit. He and I are so into our love making, I glance over my shoulder to see the neighbor playing the saxophone while watching us from his balcony.  He begins to miss notes as I moan louder, and then sucking off the rain from my husband’s body.
He pulls my shirt off and throws it into the puddle. He squeezes my Tatas.  I grind as he bucks deeper into me causing me to suck the drops of the rain from his fingers. My mouth tasting the flavor of the Earth’s water on his hands, sliding on every inch of my body taking my orgasm into a level of shaking and trembling. He pulls at my hair licking each raindrop off my breasts as he suckles them. I look to him, he moans and shutters. His lava all in my sugar walls melting me away, I collapse on his chest.  He finally answers,
“ Yes I forgive you and I believe in your dreams. Just don’t push your man out, promise me? I love you and I’m your biggest fan.” The rain, the saxophone, and the sounds of the street playing a tune. I kisses him and said,
“I promise to never push you out of my life.”

© 2011 Tamyara Brown- Tamluvstowrite

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