IMANI'S "HOW TO" MOMENT: I Can't Drive at 55!


“Passion in life…is life. It’s contagious. Get naked and roll around in it.

People who enjoy living have it all figured out.

They are passionate, driven, alive, and they are real.” 

― Lorii Myers

Drive. We all hear it time after time when someone is trying to reach a goal.  Whether it's achieving to get good grades in school, working on that promotion, or shedding a few pounds or more, we as humans want to live better.  

So let’s get back to the word drive.  Do you have it?  And if you do, do you know how to maintain it?

I can tell you right now that anything you’re trying to accomplish is 90% mental and 10% physical.

With my own experience with getting healthy…again, I understand it’s a lot more than just loosing the weight.  A person has to carry loads of drive and determination to keep it off.  Once you decide to make that lifestyle change, it becomes a change of your lifestyle. 

Our three pound brains are medical wonders. It holds a lifetime of information, but also can be motivational a tool. This squishy wonder is our ally, and the best friend we ever had. 

It takes mental stamina to pursue our hopes and dreams until the end.  If you’re a writer, it takes balls to share your work with the ENTIRE world.  If you’re budding comedian and you’re stage, it takes courage to keep going after a bad joke, and if you’re an athlete, you’ll need your focus after an off game.  In other words regardless of your path—it takes a strong mind and a tough heart to be successful.

My Imani’s “How to” Moment is speaking from my heart. I am so glad that I’m blessed to have common sense to know that life is short. 

After playing the game of self-pity, I took a stand.  I had no choice to instill that drive to ride myself from rock bottom.  If you don’t know by now, I’d developed a daily routine to eat right and exercise.  But I didn’t stop there. 

My mind distracts easily by interference of negative noises; such as, you can’t do this, or you can’t do that.  It’s a must for me to keep the light of positivity into overdrive. So as Emeril says, I took it up another notch.  I try to participate in 5k races.  For me, it's more than a health benefit—or persevering to better my previous running time—but to maintain my drive.

The good thing about being driven it can create a ripple effect among your senses, especially when it comes to vision. 

Since I’ve been on this path to become a published author, I’m seeing life in a different form.  Forget seeing if the glass is half empty or full, I see more than just a philosophical cliché.  I see it can quench thousands of thirst; or, someone starting over in a new home that may need a set of new dishes; or planting a community garden.

My eyes haven’t felt the same since I’ve been on this road.  They’re more refreshed to look beyond mediocrity and bullshit.  It means to stay on course and never look behind.

So what about you?

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