By Imani Wisdom

After long business meetings with an important client overseas, myself and a few business associates were flying back home on the company jet.  The quiet ride of the plane soothed me as I reclined back in my seat, resting away any lingering public relations duties.  Though my time in Paris wasn’t all hectic—at least I shopped in the finest Parisian stores, including a shop that’s made for lovers. I didn’t overspend in the place that could rise more than just eyebrows.  It tickled my fancy as well.

“Emma” called out my personal assistant as she interrupted my near deep sleep. I opened my eyes to a tall, stout woman with buttermilk skin and short dark hair. My personal assistant had her cell phone resting on her shoulder as though as she tried to keep the caller from her hearing her voice. “Emma” she announced with a whisper, “It’s the editor of the Chicago Tribune. He needs to talk…”

“Tell him to call back!” I interrupted.

“But…” she stuttered.

I raised my head from the comfortable headrest to make sure my PA heard me loud and clear.  “I said for him to call me later” I told her, “Whatever statement he wants, he’ll get it before the end of the day”.

Apparently, she heard me.  My PA returned the phone to her ear and created a magnificent lie.  I know that editor understood at that time things were hectic.  I have a dozens of celebrities on my roll to spin whatever bullshit they need, or cover their bullshit they got into.  All in all, I get paid well to work their bullshit.  So whatever an editor at a newspaper, twenty-four hour news network, magazines, or a blogger, if they need a statement badly enough they could wait.  Yes, I got it like that!

Then suddenly while I had my eyes closed, I felt a small gush of wind as if someone had decided to sit in the seat next to me.  I opened my eyes with a near menacing stare, but to my surprise it was one of business associates who happen to be my husband.  “Hey, baby” he smiled.

“It’s been a long day” I said as returned a smile, “This is the first time we’re actually alone”.

He took my hand to kiss the back of my light mahogany skin.  My husband didn’t speak another word.  His eyes told the story of how much he missed me.  Of course, he attended all the business meetings with me, but he and I never had time to ourselves.  If we did speak, it was about work.

Then something came to mind. It was something that had been weighing heavy since I visited that store.  I looked deeper into his dark, mesmerizing eyes and he looked into mine.  For some reason, I think he knew what I was going to say.  “Baby” I said with a wicked smile, “I betcha I can make you scream before we land in Indy”.

With a raise of an eyebrow, my husband smiled with curiosity.  He leaned towards my lip-gloss glazed lips and landed a sweet kiss.  “What are you up to” he asked.

“Follow me and you’ll find out” I replied as I rose from my seat wearing a black sleek one piece dress that accentuated my curves.  Nearby was my huge Chanel bag that I grabbed to straddle over my shoulder.  The importance of carrying my purse wasn’t security concerns, but it what was inside I wanted to share with my husband—something I bought from that Parisian store.

As he joined me inside the restroom, we momentarily gazed at one another with deep passion.  I walked my pink stilettos toward his six foot five frame to feel my way though his beige sweater, touching onto his chiseled body.  A usual sensation had pierced through my essence.  My supple breast and the walls to my vagina suddenly became erected.  I wanted him like there was no tomorrow.

I planted a soft kiss against his juicy lips. The trails of his nectar traveled my neck, kissing me downward my black dress.  He hoister my petite body to the sink as he raised my dress to get glimpse of my female wonder. The look on his face told me he wanted to give me pleasure beyond belief.  But before my husband’s lips nestled my clit.  I quickly commanded, “NO, I want to shake up things”.

I stood back on my stilettos and put him against the sink.  The clank of his belt buckle to get to his dick was turning me on.  Though devouring his masculinity was a goal that I had to achieve. 

And there it was his lustrous manly stick inside of my palm.  His smooth rigidness has been my satisfaction for ten years.  Yet I wanted to go out of the norm.  My husband always claims to have an open mind.  I believe it, but I wanted him to show it. 

I’d salivated onto his dick, blowing him as though as he was a candy cane.  Despite the fact his moaning didn’t suffice my purpose, I wanted to give to him more.  So I reached inside my purse to grab my new gift. 

While I continued to lock my jaws around his bulgy veins, his moans were percolating to a slight roar.  My lip gloss created invisible marks on his manhood and thighs.  I could see him clinching his hands firmly against the sink.  “Oh, baby!” he whimpered, “That feel so good!”

I quickly stopped for a moment to put my finger to my lips.  “Shhhhh” I said softly.  My hand caressed his smooth caramel skin without an expression.  “Do you trust me” I asked him.  My husband anxiously nodded his head like a curious child. 

Finally, my mouth met again to his manhood, sucking him hard.  As I firmly grasp to his core, I gelled my gift and entered to his door.  There were squirming and a few gasps on his part, but it ease to an unexpected pleasure.

The more I kept continuing my mission, the more I could sense he loved every moment of it.  His roars suddenly had upgraded to whimpering, and to whimpering it became grunts.  Yet still no scream. 

So I rammed in to him as if I knew what it was like to be a man, gliding inside and out of him like a graceful piece of art.  My mouth firmed harder onto my husband, and I could nearly taste his sweetness. 

Then all of sudden, he grabbed a piece of my hair while gritting his teeth with a long grunt.  “OH SHIT, BABY!” he screeched. “I’M ABOUT TO…”

And it happened, my husband moans, whimpers, and grunts had reached to a level of screams.  My gift dug deeper and deeper while my lips stayed adhere to his dick.  “OH MY…BABY…WHOA…” he screamed. 

Then his rich sweetness met to the tip of my tongue.  My mission was complete. I made him scream thousands of feet in the air.  While catching his breath, my husband wondered out loud.  “Baby, I can’t believe you just fucked me in my ass”.

“Well, don’t think of it like that” I answered as I cleaned my gift.  “Think of it like you had a joyous adventure.  But you liked it, though, right” I concluded.

He kissed me as if didn’t want to make the confession.  Though by his wink had said to me he loved it.  I knew it!

As we exited the bathroom, our employees and associates had tried avoiding our eye contact.  I know they had to have heard our pleasurable moment.  So whatever they heard, oh well. 

“Emma” quickly said my PA.  She held my cell phone and pointed in my direction.  “It’s that editor again, Emma” she continued, “He’s demanding to speak with you!”

I sighed and then kissed my husband once more before he joined the associates.  So I took my cell and finally replied to this editor in two words: “NO COMMENT"

See, all in a days work!

(C) Imani Wisdom, 2011

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Anonymous said...

Nice hot one, Imani!

Imani said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Very well-written & erotic!

Imani said...

Thank you :)

Brooklen Borne said...

That was great story. Another mile high graduate.

Imani Wisdom said...

Thank you, Brooklen!

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