By Melodi Roberts

“Did anybody see me come in here?”
Lisa had waited patiently in the parking lot until Malcolm gave her the signal—a quick wave through the glass doors, before turning the sign in the window from “OPEN” to “CLOSED FOR LUNCH.” She quickly grabbed her bag and met him at the side entrance of his dance studio. The embrace between them was a quick one. He was a lean, solidly built professional dancer, his smooth dark skin and wide smile always welcoming. He could easily retire if he picked up modeling.
“No, I don’t think so," his voice was deep and smooth—fit him perfectly. "Relax, we have about two hours before anybody shows up here.”
 “I really appreciate the help, Malcolm. You’ve seen my two left feet and my fiancĂ©e Carlos, is the self proclaimed salsa and meringue king of Southern Cali.” 
“Most sistas wouldn’t bother trying to show a Latino brotha up in his own arena,” he
chuckled. “But you—you’re something else.”
“I just wanna half look like I know what the hell I’m doin! I’ve felt so stupid sneaking around like this because he’s offered to teach me so many times. I want this for myself. Plus he’s a terrible teacher,” Lisa joked, dropping her bag and removing her sweatshirt, revealing the black dance leotard she’d kept hidden from Carlos the last six weeks.
“Well, let’s get started. We’ll finish the last little piece of your routine and you should be all set for your big day.”
“Let me pull my hair back real quick.” Lisa headed to the bathroom and glanced at her light brown skin tone in the mirror. She pulled her hair back into a high bun, drawing in a deep breath. She thought about her and Malcolm’s dance sessions. How professional he’d remained through everything. How tightly they had to be wound around each other’s bodies during the Mambo lessons…
She never thought she could sweat so much with a man she wasn’t fucking. They had gotten so close one time she could practically see his dick bulging through his nylon shorts! And after just six short weeks of being his secret pupil, the chemistry between them was so natural and comforting to her, his mere presence made her second guess everything she’d believed about her future with Carlos. She always feared she would fall for the first man she met straight out of college. Carlos was the second. She didn't want the fuss women went through finding "the perfect one." She wanted stability and Carlos made her life exciting. She couldn't refuse his proposal after he went through so much
drama with his family's acceptance of Lisa—his black girlfriend.

But since meeting Malcolm, she truly thought that maybe she'd jumped the gun. Malcolm was a dream. Literally. She would fantasize about him while having sex with Carlos. His large hands would grab her hips and guide her movements. Teaching her, just like in their studio sessions. She’d even played with herself, secretly hoping to rekindle as much of the physical chemistry that she could. Anything that reminded her of the feeling she’d get while dancing with him. He was intoxicating
Feeling her cheeks get hot, she turned on the water and splashed her face, the butterflies trying to nestle themselves in her belly.

The start of her song blaring in the other room jolted her out of the daydream. Entering the dance floor in the back of the studio, Lisa watched as Malcolm stood stretching in front of the mirror. She watched him pull his head below his knees, his beautifully sculpted upper body moving gracefully.
Shit, I know he's probably flexible as hell! He has to be!  She let her naughty thoughts get the best of her. They hadn’t even started and she was already wet from watching him move. She never got tired of it.

Letting out a nervous cough, she removed her sweatpants, pulled her leotard out of her ass and stepped into her dancing shoes. 
“Ok. Let’s do it.”

And so the Mambo began. The sensual Spanish guitar sent chords echoing off of the walls, as they stepped and twirled around each other like they had in the weeks before. Lisa tried to shake her
nerves, but every time their hips would touch, she would jump, causing them to fall in and out of rhythm.

“I’m sorry Malcolm. I can’t believe I’m so jittery.”

“I know you’re nervous. Just let the music guide you. It sounds ridiculously clichĂ©, but in this dance, you have to feel it or you’ll look like the newbie that you are.”

“I know, I know. I’m ready now. Let’s pick up in the middle.” Lisa leaned her head back, bowing her back and letting Malcolm wrap his fingers around her waist, his head almost touching her stomach as they waited for the musical cue.

With Malcolm’s hips so close to her own, she could feel his stick waking up a little. She held her position, wondering if she would feel any more of him as the wetness between her thighs multiplied. She knew he had to feel the heat she was emanating.
God, if he gets any closer, I’ll fuckin’ explode, she thought.
As the music finally cued in, they started their familiar hip grind, moving in unison and watching themselves in the mirrors that lined the studio walls. With one quick step after another, Lisa executed the rest of the dance perfectly.

She threw her leg onto Malcolm’s shoulder and leaned in, signaling the end of the routine. Balanced on her left leg, he drew her closer to him, dragging her foot before stopping and letting their hips meet one final time. And as they did, she felt his growing bulge without a doubt.

Sensing the awkward tension, he quickly dropped her leg and headed for a towel hiding in the corner away from the mirrors.
“Malcolm, where are you going?”
“I’m just gonna grab my towel and get some water.”

“Can I ask you something?” His back was to her and she hoped he would turn around. She wanted to see it with her own eyes…
“Sup?” He bent over and grabbed his towel, refusing to face her.

She walked over and grabbed his shoulder, spinning him around. Looking down, she saw his secret erection still stubbornly standing as he tried to will it down. She stepped closer to him.
“There’s one more thing I need you to show me. You have time?”
He tried to hide his grin, but decided to play along, returning Lisa's seductive gaze. “We’ve got a couple minutes…what can I show you, Lisa?”

Starting with the left shoulder strap, she slid out of her leotard, peeling the damp garment down over her breasts, past her wet mound and letting it shimmy to the floor.
"Well for starters," she began, “the horizontal tango.” She leaned in to kiss him. He grabbed her and pulled her close, his full lips engulfing hers. With her hands free, she peeled his shorts off, admiring the size of his dick as she fingered the shaft. He shivered as she kissed her way down his abs, finally
kneeling in front of him and taking him into her mouth.

“Oh my god, Lisa…”

Lisa was used to Carlos, who was at least two inches shorter, so having Malcolm fully erect was a mouthful. She used her right hand, simultaneously stroking and sucking him, wrapping her tongue around his rock hard shaft as she sped up, putting her left hand over her throbbing clit to soothe it. In six weeks of dancing, she’d never heard him breath that hard.
Fighting to keep his composure, he pulled her to her feet and grabbed a yoga mat, laying it in front of the mirrors.
“Lay down,” he commanded. “If you wanna learn, do exactly as I say.” Lisa nodded in eager anticipation.
“Open your legs.”

Lisa formed a “V” with her legs, leaving them taught in the air and spread them wide, waiting for her lesson to begin. Instead of inserting his dick, he knelt and used his long index finger to penetrate her while he sucked hungrily on her clit.
“Mmmmm…..Malcolm….yes…” Lisa purred.
“This ain’t nothin’ but the warm up baby,” he whispered, leaving his finger lodged in Lisa’s pearl, tickling her G-spot.

“Shit, Malcolm…Oh my god –this feels sooooo fuckin’ good…” Lisa continued to sing, her eyes closed and rolling up beneath her eyelids.

“Open your eyes. Watch me or you might miss something.”  He rose up and teased Lisa’s nipples, sucking gently on each one before kissing her lips again.

“You ready to learn the tango?” Lisa nodded feverishly.

Malcolm slowly inserted himself deep inside Lisa's walls, and as he filled her up, she wanted to scream so loudly she was sure to shatter every mirror in the studio.

“Uh uh, baby. You gotta keep the beat…” he said, lifting her pelvis in midair and holding it there

“It goes like this: One… two, three. One… two three…” and with each first count, he ran his dick deep,
retreating only to dive in again—each thrust hungrier than the one before it…

…and as Lisa released one rhythmic orgasm after another, she learned the ins and outs of the horizontal tango…

And was ready and willing to learn so much more…


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