By Melodi Roberts

"Shhhh. Don’t read that out loud, girl."
"What? What are you talking about?"
"Doesn't that book have nasty stuff in it?"

With the explosion of self publishing and the budding of aspiring authors, there has been no shortage of new and innovative ways to entertain readers. We've gained the freedom to mix genres,  work together on projects, communicate directly with our fans—really inject the human aspect that was missing for so long in the literary world between authors and readers…

And as with most trends, there is a gradual infiltration of the "others". Those of us that aren't' afraid to experiment  with those feelings, conjure up emotions that make you want to close your legs after reading through "that scene" in "that book" that you aren't supposed  show your friends.

You know, like the "explicit lyrics" your parents tried to ban you from listening to because you were young and it was just too "inappropriate and raw".

We aren't afraid to "touch the pussy"  and  "make it wet". Stroke, suck, lick, and caress the most private and sensitive places. To seduce—and engage the most erotic and vulnerable parts of your mind.

In the union of real life and the raw, unfettered expression of sex and intimacy, the bold erotic author shoulders your deepest desires. Introduces you the another place, another face, another beautiful body, attached to the beautiful soul that is seeking the same sexual fulfillment most of us here on earth are seeking.

And how do you treat us?  You hide our covers and read in the corners, the closet. Only sharing your personal enjoyment with your closest friends and (maybe) even your mate. Shunning how we make you feel as you read along, having your cake and eating it too…

Me, personally? I love the uncomfortable arousal a good sex scene provides…the way my imagination runs alongside the words in the pages as they reach out to eagerly make me a willing participant. It's not easy to do, but oh so fulfilling when done right….

So what drives me as I remain in the shadows of thrillers, suspenseful, romantic and general fiction works that attract so many more willing participants as I continue to pen these dirty words on paper?

Passion for the passionate. My desire to animate real life wants with the simplicity of words and images that drip tastefully and with wet and raw realism. Foreplay that I can see and feel. Personally, I think it's so much more exciting when my 'gifts' aren't neatly packaged in cutesy little words and pseudo-suggestive phrases that I would never say while in the bedroom—fucking.

Yeah, I said it…somebody has to.

And you know it's true…

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