I felt as though as I was on cruise control, flowing through the words of Nikki Robinson.  Without yielding or detours, each page was a tumultuous rollercoaster of sex, lies, and secrets—all brewing for an explosive novel.  I was on this emotional high, and I knew in my heart I could finish this novel in six months or less. *nervous laugh*

Well, the mind has a funny way to fool our psyche.

After I completed the hardest chapter of the novel, Chapter 8, I suddenly stopped.  It wasn’t that I lost interest in the storyline, the characters, or suffering a stubborn writer’s block, I just couldn’t write a damn thing.

Was it psychological?  Or, did it have anything to do with my mother’s death?  Those were among the few questions I asked myself for weeks.  Then after I brought back Erotic Fridays, I discovered what the problem was.  Simple: Religious guilt.

What’s religious guilt?

At one point, I felt I was disappointing God by gravitating to erotic, over what I felt was my calling and still is, writing inspirational (The Shattered Mogul and Seven Months).  It was as if my dark side refused to let go. 

I’m not saying it’s wrong to write salacious erotic words.  Sex is everywhere.  The problem with me, I wanted to stay clear from erotic.  I even had fasted for forty days from writing or reading the genre.  I needed that time to think if continuing to write erotic was something I wanted as a part of my career.

Then an epiphany!

Out of all the days—my birthday—I woke to reality.  Thanks to my good friend, Alicia, she told me not to harp on it as a religion standpoint, but a simple job.  “What you write is real” she said while we were sitting on the patio at the restaurant, “I’m sure you’re not the only erotic writer who feels this way”.

Then my sister, who attend Sunday services and Bible study regularly, and meditate on His word daily, added a startling revelation, “Go for it!”

She went on to explain an author friend of hers share the same guilt as I.  “I’m with Alicia” she concluded, “Focus on what you’re doing as a job.  You’ll never know what can come from of it”.

And you want know to something?  They both were right.

I shouldn’t feel guilty of what I write.  My words are purely fiction in hopes of sparking a romance between lovers, wake a lonesome housewife fantasies to give her husband an unforeseen surprise, or to remind a boyfriend and/ or girlfriend it’s time to step up their game. This goes beyond poetry in motion—literally—but a mind stimulator. 

I love the unpredictable thought process of manipulating each word and turning them into works of art.  I’ve always try to cater erotica toward women, but also make it tantalizing for men to voyeur into our fantasies.  Erotica is more than just sex.  It’s like you’re taking the reader on a journey inside your fantasies, allowing them to enjoy the five senses behind your thoughts.  Writing on touching his glistening dark skin, as your fingers travel to a dark and secret place; or, imagining you’re laying on top of a pool table, taking pleasure from warm lips that’s tasting your very essence; or, hearing her whisper her sweet nothings as you nibble gently on her breast; or, tossing him like a main course to watch him vulnerably squirm, and finally, breathing in her sweet perfume to waken your yearning impulsiveness.

*Taking a deep breath*

Where was I?  Oh, yeah, from now on, I’m going to treat my writing like a job. Who knows the same readers who do come and read my erotic blogs, could also relate to my others stories?

So, Erotic Fridays is here to stay.  It will be sexier, hotter, and on an occasion, shocking.  Further, I’m looking to build a team of Wickedly Hot writers (erotic only).  I haven’t quite ironed out the details as yet, but whoever is interested hit me up at imani@imaniwisdom.com.

See you all sexy MF’s on, Friday! *blow a kiss*

For your listening pleasure, check out one my favorite songs--Lady GaGa's "Judas"

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TamluvstoWrite said...

I love your writing. Your style is wonderful Imani

Imani said...

Thank you, Tamyara! <3

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