Saturday morning ends a week of hustling and bustling of meetings with law partners, and clients, and case of loads of litigations. I'm tired. This is my Saturday morning to sleep away much needed rest. I want to stay snuggled in my tan satin sheets; not caring of the glare of the TV is watching me or if the summer breeze tickles my face. I want to be lazy, and just lie away.

Then all of the sudden, through my outside window, car speakers' bass loudly blared. I tried to ignore it the best I could by tossing away from the window, hoping that would shield the hip hop sounds of Yung Joc and T-Pain. I tried suffocating my ear with my pillow, as my anger was brewing inside of me. I couldn't it take any longer….I abruptly sprained from my bed, and stomped to my window; ready to cuss someone out. And then to my surprise, it was my new neighbor washing his apple red ....Denali.

Ever since he moved in two weeks ago, I had my eye on him. He's hellva sexy, chocolate milk, skin tone man with manicured braids. He had his shirt off, showing his wonderful masculine body. His pants was hanging a little low, barely showing his Calvin Klein drawls….but most of all, my body was stimulating watching the suds touching his black skin.

My lazy Saturday morning had suddenly become a jolt of hot cocoa fantasy. I had taken a quick shower, slipped on a pair of red stilettos with my blue jeans shorty shorts, and my white beater. I stepped outside hoping I could get Mr. Man's attention.

I opened my garage, holding a bucket of suds. I felt like Beyonce with a soft breeze flowing through my long weave. Pretending my neighbor did not exist, I began to wash my black Benz, purposely reaching over so my thick ass can appear his way. Then from the corner from eye, I saw him looking my way. Again….I pretended he did not exist. I kept throwing suds on my car, as my breast pressed against my windshield; feeling the moisture touching my nipples. Then a deep, soothing familiar voice approached behind me, "Excuse me?"

I looked back, with my wet shirt and all, to an up close and personal view of this colossal man. I have never seen a man so damn fine! Perfect smile, hazel eyes, and tattoos on his arm like a pro athlete. "Excuse me, I was wondering, if I could borrow glass cleaner?" he again asked.

"Sure, it's sitting over there on the shelf," I pointed. Then I continue to asked, "Your voice is very familiar, have we met before?" The deliciously handsome man smiled and answered, "I don't think so….you probably heard my voice on WNIQ".

"That's it!" I thought. Not only I have the pleasure to live next door to this man, but he's the voice of the Quiet Storm. The sexiest on radio…..ever!

After he grabbed the glass cleaner, I inadvertently tripped over my water hose, and fell into the bucket of water; getting my white beater saturated, and became a clear window for my breast to be seen. My neighbor held me up; as he noticed my nipples stood erect. Silence had deafened the both of us. Lust had creped upon me, as he looked into my eyes. "Thank you," I said, as I tried to shy away. But it was something about him. He was smelling good…..Looking good as hell, and I noticed a long erection embossing through his jeans. I mean, damn, his jeans are hanging low….how big is his shit?

I suddenly became bold and shrew like how I am in the courtroom. I picked up my water hose, and allowed a trickle of water to douse his chest. My hand followed the waterfall of temptation across his chiseled abs, down his V-line; rubbing my finger though it. He then took the hose, and drenched my shirt until the weight of the water pressed against my harden nipples. I felt his warm breath against my neck. I thought to myself, this is it…the moment I've been waiting for….feeling a piece of him….holding a piece of him….tasting a piece of him….I grabbed my garage door remote, and close door away from the world.

As my neighbor still gently showered me, I kissed his colorful tattoos, then tongue bathed his darken areolas, and licked around his navel. My pussy was hardened like a man's dick. I dropped his belongings as the wonderful scent of man moistened my pussy even more. He joined me on the floor next to my Benz, as he finally ripped off my white beater; sucking my breast fiercely. And before I knew, my shorts were off, and his pride had slide inside of me. The water hose kept going, as I poured more water on him, raining all down until it streamed on me. I don't recall how many minutes, but I felt like a wave on an erotic ocean….fucking me so good until he finally exploded his climatic potion. The orgasm…..oh how good it was! It felt like a symphony had created a unique crescendo all over me. Then like that, we both lie there in a puddle of water, still naked, trying to catch our breath.

After we exchanged pleasantries, my neighbor composed himself, and went back home. That night, not mentioning to my girls at what happened, we was rolling around town after a night of clubbing. I was driving, and a deep radio personality voice pierced through my speakers, "This song goes out to that special someone that rocked my world this morning…..holla back at me, I'll be waiting".

I smiled like a kid in a candy store, not sure where this will lead to. And another thing, out of many adventures I'd been on, I have never had sex with a man before the first date. I don't know…..the brotha had me sprung before his dick entered me. For a moment, I wanted to be that woman on those romance novels…..and you know what? I want more!

He then continued, "This is WNIQ and I'm D.J. Breeze, your man for the Quiet Storm…..signing off until Monday night….later!"


© Tamara "Imani" Wisdom, 2007

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