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cascading passion rains into a lake

of my desire
swimming intensely that percolates my

soulful fire
i'm a flame that cannot be extinguish
the fire of my love is blatant and distinctive
it is bright like a flame of orange and red hues
it is blazing like a strong statement
of just saying "I love you"

when our love grows
the torch of desire will show
of that eternal flame that was meant to be
an unconditional love of what's you and me
the colorless wind cannot unlit our torch
the earthly grains cannot blanket our desire
the oceans cannot overcome our sweet sexy fire

besides these tangible sediments

love is the fifth element
you water it to blossom into something more
you can catch it into a breeze
kissing you softly, making you weak at the knees
you can shower it with sand
and feel the grit of excitement

in the palm of your hand
but fire of love burst

intimately to my heart
it showers my soul like a beauty of art
the red, orange, and yellow hues
my flame dances forever...forever, for you!

©Unique Jaii All Rights Are Reserved

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